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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

What the fu.. Oops. Roza makru hojayega.


It's 5: 20 right now and I'm literally counting minutes to Iftaari which btw is at 7 : 17 pm. So umm about two hours left. :P Sorry, I tried a lot. Couldn't work it out. Too much math. 

Oh the aroma of pakorey won't let me sit in peace. 

You know what's on my mind these days? Ahmed Macdi.I didn't exactly know him personally but we shared mutual friends. 

He was only 16 and was kidnapped by his own friend. Well, I wouldn't call him a friend after what he did. He stoned Ahmed to death.

That is so.. unbelievable. I didn't even know him personally and I Still can't get him out of my head. Guess it's human nature. 

A protest rally will be held on the 6th of August and I'm thinking of attending it. I know, nothing can be done to bring him back but at least it'll give his family hope. 

This is him. May he RIP. 

It's 6:00 now btw. So one hour 17 minutes left till Iftaari. I'm a genius, aren't I? :')



  1. Aww sorry to hear this. :( may Allah rest his soul in Jannah Ameen .
    This world is really cruel seriously .. And yes you are rite sometimes you just cant get someone out of your mind even if you hardly knw them.

  2. Pre-iftaari-wait ... haaye, i know how it feels. The tempting aroma of pakoras and samosas and the constant rumbling in the tummy makes it so much difficult :)

    And yes, its ironic how human lives have become so easy to take away. Kidnapping being a common crime these days. My first cousin, Sheharyar, was kidnapped this february, Alhamdolilah the police and other agents were successful in finding by the end of April. Still, three months were like hell for his family.

    May Allah rest Ahmed's soul in preace and grant him place in Jannat ul ameen.

  3. Ramadan Mubarik=D
    The ifatar time for KHI was 7:27 -_-

  4. thats a sad event ..... :S...

    you should just sleep after asar and wake up at the precise moment when the maghrib azan goes of :P..... that will help

  5. gosh man, are we urbanized????????
    pre-iftar post, that is the best thing to kill time.

  6. what happened to Ahmed Macdi is terrible. :(

  7. Ramadan mubarak
    btw i have heard many such news in India too especially boy getting kidnapped by his own friends and all .. it is really bad

  8. I heard about him, just unbelievable. To be betrayed like that from someone who you called a friend is just heartbreaking.
    May he rest in peace.

    Ramadan mubarak to you too :)
    And I know the feeling when you're just counting down the hours until iftari. Right now it's 4.45 here and iftari is at 7.30 :( And I didn't wake up for sehri so I'm really suffering right now :P

  9. Fatimaa,

    I feel so sorry for this young boy having met with such a fate. May God grant eternal peace to his soul. This act of his friend is so shocking.

    Nice to know something about you in previous post. Congratulations on award.

    Take care

  10. hahaha i soo feel you...:D
    i just followed ur blog btw...i hope you would follow bak:)


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