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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Superheroes or misleading idols?

Been gone for so long, will give you the deetz when I get my internet fixed. 
For now, here's a speech I wrote for the rotskyy competiion. 

Ladies, Gentlemen.. Superhero fans. I can’t classify them as men or woman exactly since they support people that wear their underwear over tights.I’m sure by now you all know that I believe, Superheroes are actually misleading idols. 
First of all, they DON’T exist. Spiderman won’t rescue you from a burning building, A fireman will. Why not make him your hero? I doubt any 10 year old holding a DC comic would agree to that.
 I’m sure all of you have heard the first impression is the last impression and the first thing I notice, is the hideous costume. Have you seen the way wonder woman dresses up? With that lack of clothing I wonder who saves the day in winter. 
And the fact that everyone actually idolizes them is disappointing. Starting from little girls who think they’re capable of being power puff and might even end up asking their fathers “Did you make us in a frying pan too? “ Thankfully, I never had that sort of urge rather when I was younger I had a desire to get bitten by a spider so that my spidey sense would tingle and a web would awkwardly emerge out of my wrist without realizing how dangerous it could actually be to experiment. Maybe that’s what encouraged self harming, checking for hidden webs under your skin, Failure to find any eventually leading to social suicide. 
What most mothers forget to tell their children is that you can buy costumes of Ebay but superpowers aren’t included in the package. And God knows how many kids have had to undergo a surgery while imitating these superhero stunts. I'm quite convinced how Batman is the leading cause of many kids jumping off their roofs every day. Come to think of it this might be the reason why two kids soared passed me yesterday while I was taking an evening stroll. And you thought you could get away with giving me misleading statistics about kids chasing kites during the basant season, did you? 
Turns out, it’s not the just news that promotes violence. It’s also these superheroes. Gone are the days when fights could be resolved by sharing lunch and maybe a hug but according to superman- Beat up the bad guys! Even 5 year old nowadays prefer breaking teeth instead of saying sorry. 
I bet all of you have noticed that all these superheroes contradict the statement that man is imperfect which increase complex in kids. Superheroes never fail at anything which makes winning necessary and people are driven by the fact that winning is the goal and if you don’t win, you’re a failure. That’s where the problem begins. Superheroes never lose teeth or lose a fight. It’s just that they save the day every time. And that discourages kids. 
Truth is – there's really no such thing as perfect! So if you're struggling to make it "just perfect" you're directing your energy into something that's impossible to achieve, and essentially a waste of your time. By seeking the all-elusive goal of perfection, it's really just an avoidance method and an opportunity to keep from moving.
Next time you find a suicide note saying I did not find a spiderweb under my skin, Do not be surprised.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Leave us alone :'(

Yet again, many are traumatized. 

Bomb blasts are never pleasant. And guess what's worse? Experiencing them. 

On Monday, 5th September 2011, I experienced yet another bomb blast. This time.. I was almost dead. 

I left home early on Monday just so I could get to class before time and complete my work which I hadn't completed due to my laziness. The weather was very pleasant. I asked my driver to turn off the AC and open the windows. I felt like enjoying the wind even though it completely ruined my hair. I reached school at about 7 : 25. I normally leave at 7 : 25 but I left early that day. So anyways, I looked at the time and felt happy about the fact that I still had time to complete my work and submit it. I sat back and waited for the car in front of mine to drop of their child so my car could move. As I sat their in joy the most unexpected thing happened. BOOM went another bomb blast at Aslam Chaudhary's place. I was still in my car when I saw a black mushroom cloud coming out of my school's building. My car's windscreen cracked.I was horrified. I thought the bomb blast happened inside my school since it had been receiving such threats since very long. The only thing I could think about were my friends and my Aunt whose house was situated behind Aslam Chaudhary's. I just wanted to know if they were all safe. Panic grew. People started rushing back home. And the parents that had already dropped off their kids came back to get them. There was a huge traffic jam. I, by the help of god and my very wise pathan driver ( hats-off to pathans ), Got out of it asap. I got home, picked up my cell phones and started making calls. And alhamdullilah, all my friends were safe. My mom is very sensitive. As soon as she found out about it she hugged me and burst into tears since she was worried about my aunt. We went over to their place to see if everything was fine. Their house was WRECKED! Not a single glass was on its place. The windows, the doors, they all went flying. My school was wrecked as well. The roof cracked. The windows broke. Little kindergarten kids were injured. A very close friend of mine was inside the school when this horrifying event took place. She ran out in time but she was traumatized after seeing little kids bleeding. Glasses on the floor. Kids running out and parents crying. 

Aslam Chaudary and his family were safe. But guess who died? His policemen and servants. An innocent 8-year old child and his mother, who was a very dedicated teacher, Miss Mumtaz. 

4 schools were affected. Beaconhouse school system. LGS. Washington International school and CAS. Many lives were lost. Home is supposed to be a place where you feel safe. A place where one forgets all his worries and closes his eyes with the hope of waking up to a better morning. Where will one feel safe if a bomb blasts right next to one's place? What about the innocent children that wake up for school everyday in the hope of learning something new or just meeting their friends? What have they done? And the parents? Who gave you such a right to take away their children's lives? What kind of animals are you? Terrorizing the country. Giving birth to hatred. Taking away lives. May you rot in hell terrorists! LEAVE OUR COUNTRY. WE WANT PEACE. WE WANT TO FEEL SAFE. WE MISS OUR LIVES. We miss the time when we got out of our homes with no worries. When a mother sent her child to school without being afraid. When children knew that if their father was at work till midnight, he'd be safe. We need to feel safe again. :'( 

May the ones that died RIP. 
And the one that was behind this blast, MAY YOU ROT IN HELL. Amen.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Risen From The Dead.



I'm running out of excuses now. But hey, I was itekaafing and one can't blog while itekaafing. 

Gosh, Time flies man. I remember my last post was about the beginning of Ramadan and this one's about it's end .( Not exactly but still) 

You know, The best thing about itekaaf is not only the inner peace but gifts you receive after you're done with it :p I know I'll be hated for this one -.- But it's true, no matter how much you deny it, gifts do mean a lot :p 


Last time, I made about 15000. This time I'm aiming for.. moreee. :p 

Do I sound like a memon?  ( Pleasedontkillme but this stereotype sorta is  true) :p 

I seriously have NOTHING  to post about. NOTHING. This month, I did NOTHING. Just school. home. Sleep.Iftaari.More Sleep. School. Which btw is very boring and the last thing I want is to bore you guys with my boring routine. 

I just wanted to.. inform you all that I am very much alive and will be posting more inshaALLAH soon. Ooh and I've 49 followers now. One more and.. ummm.. just one more and I'll be happpy :p 

Missed being here. 
Ciao Ya'lllllzzz. <3

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

What the fu.. Oops. Roza makru hojayega.


It's 5: 20 right now and I'm literally counting minutes to Iftaari which btw is at 7 : 17 pm. So umm about two hours left. :P Sorry, I tried a lot. Couldn't work it out. Too much math. 

Oh the aroma of pakorey won't let me sit in peace. 

You know what's on my mind these days? Ahmed Macdi.I didn't exactly know him personally but we shared mutual friends. 

He was only 16 and was kidnapped by his own friend. Well, I wouldn't call him a friend after what he did. He stoned Ahmed to death.

That is so.. unbelievable. I didn't even know him personally and I Still can't get him out of my head. Guess it's human nature. 

A protest rally will be held on the 6th of August and I'm thinking of attending it. I know, nothing can be done to bring him back but at least it'll give his family hope. 

This is him. May he RIP. 

It's 6:00 now btw. So one hour 17 minutes left till Iftaari. I'm a genius, aren't I? :')


Friday, 29 July 2011

Guess who's back?

That's right! It's me :')

Firstly, I love ya'll.. Your comments made me feel a whole lot better and I'm in a very pleasant mood atm.. godknowshow.

Secondly, I GOT MY FIRST AWARD :D Thank you, Asif. You are AWESOME.

According to the rules, I've to write 7 facts about myself.

1) I'm a lil slow. Which btw is an embarrassing fact but since I can't think of any, I wrote this :p
2) I have a HUGE crush on Chris Brown since I was eight. Yes, eight :p That's when he was 15 or 16 and his first single came out :')
3) I get ticked off very easily. Especially by 'know-it-alls'
4) I love pepsi. I can't stop having pepsi. I have pepsi all day. ( No wonder I'm so fat)
5) It took me at least half an hour to think about two facts.
6) My iPod is my best friend.
7)I love myself :p

According to the 2nd rule, I shall pass this on to two people.

So I pass it on to :

Furby Esvee from The world inside my head.

She's an amazing writer. I feel like I can really relate to her posts.


AcetylCholine from Critical Velocity

Because I love her blog (:

Okay, I think I'm done. If there are any more rules, I'm not following them :P


Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Haven't been posting.. it's just that.. I'm not myself these days.
I feel ugly. Everything around me annoys me. 

I've become a boring, low person and the worst company nowadays. 

I don't have anything to post about

Pardon me, I don't wanna sound like an emo either. 

I just wanna be myself again. Go back to normal.

I won't be posting till things get better.

So Ciao, till then. 
Love ya'll.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Haven't I been MIA for too long?

Feels good to be back. BLAME MY INTERNET! 

.. actually no. Blame my laziness =P 

Okay, it wasn't only laziness. I've been so busy. My cousin's getting married and you know how it is don't you? Dance practices, dholkis, clothes and all. 

Anyway. Today, I shall tell you about the nightmare that has been chasing me since I was 8. 


They scare me. I don't know why. Whenever I have a nightmare, it's mostly situated in an abandoned theme park in the night with very less people. And then I get lost somewhere and lose my friends and shiz. I literally wake up crying. 

Something like these. You have no idea how hard it was for me to see these pictures. They gave me SUCH a weird feeling.

Enough about my silly nightmares. Has anyone noticed how all the Indian movies now have at least ONE item song after Munni and Sheila were a hit? Not one song can match up to their level. Though I've heard some JALEBI BAI is in town. Haven't heard it yet.

Talking about Jalebi bai can anyone suggest me any good movies? I'm so bored since the Gossip girl, Castle etc etc season finale.  Can't wait till September and I really want to find out a good way to pass time. If only you people are angel enough :D 

Thanks ya'll 

oh and now that I'm back I've got your awesome blog posts to read. Yay :D 

Ciao! x