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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Haven't been posting.. it's just that.. I'm not myself these days.
I feel ugly. Everything around me annoys me. 

I've become a boring, low person and the worst company nowadays. 

I don't have anything to post about

Pardon me, I don't wanna sound like an emo either. 

I just wanna be myself again. Go back to normal.

I won't be posting till things get better.

So Ciao, till then. 
Love ya'll.


  1. I dont really know what's bothering you but I hope everything gets better cuz someone like you doesnt deserve to be sad. ♥

  2. awwww! =( i hope everything turns out fantastically for you and that something SO wonderful, so beautiful may happen that you cheer up and feel awesome again! =)) Cheers! God bless! Lots of love! ♥

  3. Oh.

    So it turns out.

    That you are still;

    Alive. Period

  4. awww. feel better soon! *hugs*

  5. I hope you feel better soon.
    Take your time, we'll still be here :)
    Good luck!

  6. Fatimaaa! i hope things get better for you soon! everyone has ups and downs, and yeah we'll be right here for you. :)

  7. Awww Fatimaa, don't worry. possibly it's hormonal shit that's making you lose your mind. But don't be sad, you WILL get out of it eventually. Just make sure you don't slip into it too much. Take care<3

  8. @Maryam A. : Thank You So Much, I Hope The Same. ♥
    @ Ezazi : Thank youuuu. I really need something like that ♥
    @Hamza : To Live doesn't mean you're alive-Nicki Minaj. I sound emo don't I? -.-
    @Furree : Hugs always make one feel better. Thanks *Hugs back* ♥
    @PurpleMist : Awwww. Reading all these comments made me feel so much better. Will be back soon (:
    @Furby Esvee : Thanks so much for being here ♥ *Hugs back*
    @Aaishah : No I don't think it's hormonal shiiz.. I hope I get out of it soon. Thank You so much. You people made me feel better ♥

  9. Fatimaa,

    Relax. There is nothing wrong if one feels like this at times. It is normally due to some thing bothering you. Do share what has caused some disturbance in your mind. That will ease the burden as well as some of us may be able to suggest something.

    Take care

  10. First time on your space and found you low. Not a happy post.

    I guess we all have to go through such phase which is kinda complicated. Give yourself some 'ME' time and i am sure you're going to come out of it very soon :)

    Love xoxo

  11. Hmm....maybe its just a phase. Don't worry it will pass off soon.

  12. @Nostalgic : Damn, Sorry about that. I gave myself me time and guess what? I feel a lot better :D Thank you so much x

    @Sh@s : It has, thank fully. Thanks for stopping by :D


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