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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Haven't I been MIA for too long?

Feels good to be back. BLAME MY INTERNET! 

.. actually no. Blame my laziness =P 

Okay, it wasn't only laziness. I've been so busy. My cousin's getting married and you know how it is don't you? Dance practices, dholkis, clothes and all. 

Anyway. Today, I shall tell you about the nightmare that has been chasing me since I was 8. 


They scare me. I don't know why. Whenever I have a nightmare, it's mostly situated in an abandoned theme park in the night with very less people. And then I get lost somewhere and lose my friends and shiz. I literally wake up crying. 

Something like these. You have no idea how hard it was for me to see these pictures. They gave me SUCH a weird feeling.

Enough about my silly nightmares. Has anyone noticed how all the Indian movies now have at least ONE item song after Munni and Sheila were a hit? Not one song can match up to their level. Though I've heard some JALEBI BAI is in town. Haven't heard it yet.

Talking about Jalebi bai can anyone suggest me any good movies? I'm so bored since the Gossip girl, Castle etc etc season finale.  Can't wait till September and I really want to find out a good way to pass time. If only you people are angel enough :D 

Thanks ya'll 

oh and now that I'm back I've got your awesome blog posts to read. Yay :D 

Ciao! x 


  1. LOL. If you put abandoned theme parks that way, yeah they're pretty freaky ... But honestly, Ive seen one back in Dubai, and my friends and I used to play cricket in it hahaha!

    Movies: Limitless, Beastly, Hall Pass, Green Hornet, Superbad, Pineapple Express.



    i really like your new layout :D

    yay for weddings!
    and LOL i have never really given much thought to the horror quotient of abandoned theme parks but i do admit the idea of it is pretty freaky. in Dubai they were making Dubailand and they stopped construction, it's like the size of an entire city and it is TOTALLY EMPTY. how's that for creepy :O

  3. ok it is scary ...when you put it that way ...

    what movies are considered good in your realm of entertainment ????

  4. I was MIA for a week as well. I haven't had a nightmare for quite sometime now. Not i like one. I'm ok, thank you very much.. Anyway, it depends on the genre of movies you like to watch. But when I run out of things to do and I like to watch i usually go back to the classic romantic movies. :)

  5. Abandoned theme parks? Never gave it a thought.

    Btw randomly found your blog.
    Think its amazing.

    N ther's this movie TAKEN. Even though its quite old but it makes for a great watch.

    Will be hooked.

  6. Love your blog. Love the colors.

    Watch the season DEXTER. Pretty good. Weird but good. hehe.

    AND Jalebi Bai SUCKS...cant match Munni and Sheela!

  7. I get lazy too sometimes :P
    Your dream is really weird, you should try to get it interpreted and find out what it means.

  8. Hmm well cars 2 just got released and I know no one can turn down an animated feature :P

  9. @ChocolateMilk : OMG. THAT IS.. LEGENDARY O.O I've watched limitless and pineapple express, will watch the other ones you suggested hopefully. Thank youu :D

    @Furee : Hiiiiiiiiiiii ♥ You do? Yayyy. And weddings are over-FINALLY.IKR? FREAAAKIER THAN ANYTHING, TRUST ME. OMG. Why'd you tell me about it? Now I'm probablly gonna have nightmares about it too!

    @Pond Toad : It's scary.. trust me! Well, movies that I can watch over and over again without getting bored. know what I mean?

    @Mayen : Yayyy you're back :D HAHAHAH, Lucky you! Omg really? Me too! *high five*

    @ Nia Charms : Try it. You'll get scared too =P Awww thank you so much. Omg, Love that moviee. Seen it so many times now! Would love to have ya around :D

    @ OZ : THANK YOU SO MUCH :D I've seeeeen itttt. It does? I still haven't heard it =P

    @ UglyDuckling : You must love my blog =P

    @ R.Alsharif : I should? Whooosh. Looking forward to that,

    @Ahmer : I CAN'T, FOR SURE =P Looking forward to watching it :D

  10. Welcome back.
    Visiting your blog is a pleasure.
    The kisses are as alluring as ever!
    Jalebi bai? Not heard of her/it 0-0.

  11. Fatimaa,

    Thank God, you are back. Dreams are based on normally what is in your mind just as you drift off to sleep. So best is to think of pleasant things when you are trying to sleep. I do not see much of movies these days but have heard Chillar Party is worth seeing.

    Take care

    PS : Looking for your visit?

  12. LOL, did you have a bad experience at a themepark when you were younger? There has to be a reason behind these nightmares :P
    Movies? Hm, I recently watched 'No strings attached' and 'Just go with it'- both romance/comedy, you might like them! :)

  13. @ Jack : Well, the last thing I would want to think about before going to sleep is an abandoned theme park so, no I don't think of such stuff. Oh it is? Then I must see it (:
    Sure, would love to :D

    @PurpleMist : OhMiGosh. Now I know why. When I was 5 I used to go to this theme park called play land where there was this half human half animal chick which at that time was VERY scary and my dad used to threaten me about her when I misbehaved. NOW I know why I have weird dreams about theme parks. I shall watch them :D Thanks for stopping by :D


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