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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mohali Cricket Stadium,More Like a BATTLEFIELD!

The most IMPORTANT match will be played in the Mohali cricket stadium between Pakistan and India for the Semi finals! 
My Facebook homepage is full of statuses that say " Pakistan Vs India more like a war" , " Who's going to win this war " , "lets whoop some Indian butt" As much as I love Pakistan and am supporting it, I condemn calling this match a war. India is our neighboring country, even if they win, we should be happy for them. At least an Asian country will get hold of the trophy. And won't it be better if our neighboring country gets it? 
I'm not only blaming Pakistanis but I think Indians are pretty much responsible for this cold war between youth too. 
I've seen comments on YouTube videos that give a message of unity.Messages that said " go India, We beat Australians, you can do it too" And comments like those made me ecstatic. It feels nice to know that India and Pakistan can act like a team at some points too. 
I wish, I wish our terms could be better with India. And I wish I don't get to see statuses that suggest Indians should paint their faces black OR Pakistanis should never play cricket, on the 30th of March.
Best of luck to both the teams and may the best team win.
Pakistan Zindabad! 


  1. I completely disagree with you at point that we should have a friendly neighboring relationships. I mean, India and Pakistan are neighboring counties but enemies too. We can never forget what took place 60 years ago and what is happening right now. Wikipedia says:
    "The Indian and Pakistani cricket teams have been long-time arch rivals and their rivalry is considered one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world.An India-Pakistan cricket match has been estimated to attract up to one hundred million television viewers according to well respected TV ratings firm Initiative, and defeat is usually unacceptable to fans of both teams. The rivalry began with the Partition of India in 1947. A match between the two countries is often equated with war."
    Its a fact that both teams can never let each other live peacefully. NEVER.
    Anyways. Opinions Opinions.
    Well, I am definitely supporting Pakistan and forever will. We are so gonna beat the shit out of Indian's asses. Inshallah!

  2. That's exactly my point! CRICKET IS GAME! why do we have to bring in personal problems in? Fine, we can't forget it but I guess Indian players weren't the ones who did that to us. And not only did we but Indians suffered as well. Neither Pakis nor Indians are innocent! both are responsible for the events that took place.
    yes everyone has different opinions. Even if they're not eternally friendly, they shouldn't post statuses or stuff like that. That's just LOW.
    I'm with Pakistan too, duh. And please..the last line wasn't necessary! :)

  3. @Cherryontop, Enmity is in our blood. Even England and Australia's matches are considered as a battle,Pakistan VS India is surely is much more serious business.
    It's just like old roman times when battles were decided on matches,thus saving lives.I agree with you on this that we,Pakis,shouldn't sink to "their" level and abuse and other stuff.It's really very LOW.

    BTW,how could you say either Pakis are innocent neither are Indians? Forgotten Kashmir? 1971,1965? 1999? 2003?

    Umm...Maryam's last line wasn't essential buh nevertheless it was SOO candid..:D

  4. SOMETIMES, fighting with someone is simply too good. No one's innocent but we all know who's on the right path and who's on the wrong one.
    You say 'Why cant we stop bringing personal problems between a game?' Uh comeon! Thats just so impossible. Everything between both countries is a part of our rivalry. Its just impossible to forget one thing for another because the fact is IN BOTH OF THE COUNTRIES, Cricket is not just a game. Its alot more than that. Its some glue binding the whole nation together. It's filled with emotions, prayers, jazbaaat, hope, love and everything else. YOU KNOW THAT!
    ..But wha? My last line is the my favorite part. :D

  5. @ Hamza : Exactly. At least we should keep our homepages clean. We don't have to answer everything! Not only did they cause us Harm but we caused them a lot too. Innocent girls were kidnapped, millions of people died. It wasn't only them! We are some how responsible for those events too.

    @Maryam : You can't judge some thing without knowing everything about it okay? Pakis/muslims caused them a lot of harm too. Their houses were burnt, young girls were raped. It might be a compilation of hope, love, pride etc but it doesn't have to be a war! If we lose, I'll a million statuses on my homepage about people abusing Pakistani players. Or gloating over them . right now you're supporting your team a lot but when it'll lose, they'll probably have tires burnt on the street! That's my point. Why does stuff have to be so violent? IT'S A GAME NOT WAR.

  6. Yeeeeah I kinda agree with you. But our nation is way too emotional so its pretty hard to make them understand what you're saying. We cant help it afterall. We love our players and that is why we expect a lot from them. I think, its okay.

  7. Yeah well, everyone has their own opinions. A single person can make no difference... unity is all that's needed and counts. You shouldn't expect SO MUCH from them, they make an effort and it's not so easy.. so we should be proud of what we get and have.

  8. Agreed, but unity between Pakistanis? Thats one thing we all want but unfortunately...
    And oh, expectations are always there when you REALLY love someone. I mean, thats a global fact.
    Another thing, we know our players CAN do good. We do appreciate when they make an effort and make us proud. But match fixing? That deserve criticism for that.
    P.s Mayn, we missed you so much today.

  9. Unfortunately, you're right... to an extent :P One can't expect either of the two to be "happy" for the other's victory, but the least we can do is to keep the rivalry as focused on just the sports as possible. While all nations have such arch-rivals and face similar problems during matches, it takes the fun out of the sport and the game by making it more political.

    Maybe we should just have had a cricket team with soldiers from both sides and then settle it as a more proper "war".

    Best of luck to our team though! I just hope inshAllah they show some consistency for a change.

  10. Well lets not be happy but this rivalry just annoys me. It's a game why do they have to bring personal stuff in?

    LOL. I totally agree with you. That would be so much better.. Just what everyone wants.

    Well our team didn't win but.. no problem :) India's a really good team and difficult to beat so I guess we did okay.

  11. The way I see it - and I am Indian - both countries have faced immense hate and despair. But we are united in our fierce grudge and unrelenting grip on the past. I am not, by ANY MEANS, saying that we must forget what happened, the countless lives and struggles all lost to this evil. But all I'm saying is, when generations are handed down this hatred, when will this vicious cycle end? Unless everybody is willing and hoping for peace, we may not achieve it any time soon. And misunderstandings are so rampant in cases like this. I don't know what the general impression is amongst the peopel from your country regarding us Indians, but we do not all hate you. IN fact, a large majority of our populations respects your people, culture and faith. And this is but natural, for were we not both one at the beginning? Our history is interlinked. We must focus on our similarities and the emotions of love and brotherhood that both our countries imbibe and channel it towards each other. I am blessed to have found a few friends from Pakistan through this blogosphere, and they are the best thing that may have happened to me. When all is said this is only a personal opinion, but it just saddens me greatly when people decide to hate each other, with vehemence, without giving each other a chance first. Our forefathers had it bad, but why must we settle with that? Are we all not individuals in our own right? We do not live with their ideals any more when it comes to so many things, but why must we hold on to their hatred? I cannot help but feel, every time I think of Pakistan, a feeling of camaraderie and fraternity. Yours is a wonderful country so rich in culture, just like mine. So, in essence, I believe that instead of hating on each other we must identify our similarities and embrace them, for therein lies our strengths. This whole cricket thing; coming from India where cricket is a religion I cannot call it just a game because I have witnessed the fanfare that it enjoys here, but I do at least understand that the players are not looking to kill each other but just to do justice to their profession. And after Shahid Afridi's warm congratulations to each member of our team, my respect for your country and its people has doubled. I love my country, but I do not hate yours.

  12. Sorry for bringing religion in, but aren't you Muslim? Doesn't Islam teach tolerance? Everyone is blatantly hating India here, and that's just plain wrong. Being a Pakistani myself, I have absolutely no problem with Indians, because whatever happened that caused the rift between the two countries took place SIXTY years ago. Don't you think everyone should be mature enough to put it behind us? I completely agree with each and every thing Lioness Without A Pride said. I'm really glad that SOMEONE is thinking rationally here. I know a lot of Indians who like Pakistan and respect Pakistanis in general.
    Sports rivalry is healthy, but it shouldn't cross over to enmity and insults. That shows the mentality of the people who aren't ready to grow up and accept that in the end, everyone is equal and love conquers all.

  13. @Lioness Without A Pride : You have no idea how happy I am to read your comment and to know someone feels the same way as I do. Trust me, it's not only us Pakistanis. I've got many Indian blogging friends and Facebook friends and I've read posts and statuses that suggest the same. I want these two countries to be in better terms. read the posts and it's comments. This post just made me furious. Calling us terrorists just hurts. Not everyone here is the same..there maybe some extremists but you've got em too. I do not hate India either I just want everyone to forget the past and become friendly.

    @Zy : Yes I'm Muslim Alhamdullilah and Islam does teach tolerance. But not everyone can do that. MANY people I know have controlled themselves and have simply ignored these posts and the hatred Indians have towards us. I don't think EVERYONE's hating India here, at least I'm not. The only people who bring enmity and insults in are illiterate ones. Ones that only remember what happened to us 60 years ago. Don't you think religion shouldn't be brought in? I mean.. it feels weird. People asking us to tolerate/ignore whatever just cause we're muslims. AND STILL we're known as terrorists everywhere. Religion teaches you a lot but not everyone follows its teachings. If they did, there would've been peace and harmony everywhere. Love does conquer all but that's what people lack on, unfortunately.My posts pretty much gives out a message of unity and friendship and I'm glad to know people want the same.

  14. @cherryontop i agree with you .... Pakistan Vs India matches should be taken as sport... and someone mentioned the ashes or whatever ... you may see Australians and Brits at each others throats in the ashes but you never find a Australian telling a Brit that he'll make shit come out of his ass(is that even possible) ... if anyone has a problem with the the someone they should keep it to themselves....whoever wins should have the character to appreciate the effort put in by the loosing side and whoever looses ... well frankly should not be a sore looser. And as far as the religion factor is concerned...believe me .. we have alot of people in Pakistan and elsewhere who have mis-interpreted the meaning of Islam... Islam teaches us Peace and Tolerance... it is said by the Prophet(PBUH) that it is your duty to preach the principals of Islam to Non-muslims... if they want to join Islam ... that decision rests with themselves,this fact has been neglected... btw we are all asians we should live in peace and harmony and annoy those racist AMERICANS.Peace!

  15. Exactly my point! Thank you, randomrandomkid :) And yes, we shall do that.. till the day we live :p


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