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Friday, 25 March 2011

Rebecca black should be extinct.

IS SHE FOR REAL? I mean no offence to Rebecca black fans but she's a disgrace to the music industry. I appreciate new talent but she hasn't gotten any.
  • Firstly, the lyrics of this song SUCK. The devastated woman can't choose which seat to sit on, Why the hell is she bothering us? Just choose any. It's not like candies will come out of them
  • HER VOICE IS UGLY. I couldn't get her ugly voice out of my head the first time I heard it. 
  • The video sucks! I thought it was a spoof until I got to know this woman ain't kidding.
  • She's annoying. The way she says stuff is annoying,E.g Friday sounds like Fried Egg. She's just an over-excited 13 year old whose parents paid Ark music so that their daughter's so called dream comes true.Didn't they think about the poor people who would have to listen to it? Spare us please. I bet her dreams coming true, the world hates her. 
  • She's reading out the calendar to us.  Okay, I don't blame this god forsaken woman for the lyrics but doesn't she have brains? Couldn't she at least think for a second about what she was going to sing? What people would think? I think not. 'cause if she did, she wouldn't bother singing this shitty song written by some amateur who couldn't think of anything so wrote about the girl's very non-interesting routine.
Trust me, there are wayyy too many reasons but I don't think I'm should write more about this devastated, no life teen who's trying to become famous but she can't because she sucks! 
Kbyeee :D 


  1. Hahahaha. I want to LOVE this blog. I so agree to all the reasons listed above. Stupidest song ever heard. This girl would suck at Musical Chairs ;)

  2. I'm adding this blog to my profile. Love it!

  3. This is epic. Love this post, and you.

  4. Awwwwwwww thanks A lot Zainab.Means so much to me :D Oh and trust me, she sure would ;)
    Love you too Maryam :D

  5. I wouldn't exactly call her "woman" (she is 13 after all) but totally agree with the rest of what you've said!

    I was so disturbed by the song, her voice and the video that I *almost* went into a state of schizophrenia and got saved only because my sister came in time to stop the video!

    Btw,if you blog about the current affairs (maybe not so much about the Pakistani politics though) and can keep it just as interesting as this one, then I think you're GOLD!

  6. Hey can I share this post of yours on my blog,I'll just replace "Rebeca black" with "Justin Bieber"..:P

    Nice blog BTW and yea',WELCOME to the Blogosphere.

  7. @7amad : Yeah I know that. But I watched her interviews and she wouldn't stop talking so I called her a woman. Hahahaahahha.I wasn't THAT disturbed thank fully. Aww you think so? Then my next post shall be about current affairs :)

    @Hamza : Haha sure.But I think Justin Bieber is A LOT better than her.At least he can sing.. even if his voice is girly.:D Thanks alot :)

  8. LMFAO! i LOVE ur blog!
    i actually got me laughiin!
    I also just started lol
    Please check it out x

  9. Hahaha you do? That's amazing :D
    I'll make sure I do :D

  10. Super G A S P ! !
    Well at first iTotally agreed with what you say & iEven said that they should throw her in the truck cause of the lyrics & visual ..
    But I've heard it enough that shes cool to me ~

    { Her new somg Prom Night SUCKS, but iStill think she's somewhat cool & brave }

  11. Well, opinions vary. Haha, I'll check it out.I just wish her voice sounds better in it, don't want it to get stuck in my head all over again.


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