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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Can Somebody Kill Her, Please?

Check it out guys. Someone has finally dethroned Rebecca Black and achieved the title of 'the worst songstress ever!'
It's a 12 year old wannabe brat! these days.

I wouldn't prefer dissing her, she pretty much dissed herself. I just wish these idiots grow up quickly and realize how freaking stupid they were. Not only does she have a bad voice and bad lyrics but she also SUCKS at acting.Who cares about who's wearing jeans that she tried at the mall? 

Take a look at the lyrics : 
"Getting dressed to meet my friends but I don't know what to wear
Commercial shows on my TV about these cool designer jeans that I tried on at the mall
Change the channel and look what I see: Hannah Montana's wearing my jeans.Ashley Tisdale's wearing my jeans, Keke Palmer's wearing my jeans" 


"I just can't believe they wore those jeans like me
Oh Oh oo-Oh Oh Oh oo-Oh Oh Oh oo-Oh
She wore those jeans like me
Oh Oh oo-Oh Oh Oh oo-Oh Oh Oh oo-Oh"

Do I sound like I care? NO.
Do I look like I care? NO.
'Cus no one cares about you and your shitty jeans. Spare us the horror.
Apparently black and Rose are a part of ark music.. Parents pay this company to make their bratty children's dream come true. THE FOUNDERS OF ARK MUSIC SHALL ROT IN HELL. 

So, I come back to my question. CAN SOMEBODY KILL HER? PLEASE? 


  1. Ark Music Factory is actually doing a pretty decent job (not including Friday), i've seen a couple on interviews with the CEO-whatever of Ark. there's this cute-ish song called Without Your Love by Britt Rutter, the video is cheesy but it's fun overall! and of course the second most popular Ark music video to 'Friday' is 'Butterflies - Alana Lee'. that's cute too!
    Jenna Rose's 'My Jeans' is not affiliated with Ark Music Factory. It says so right in the video description.
    her song is really lame but she has such a mature voice :O and i hated the fact that she only wore her jeans in the end of the video, the rest of it was her dancing in a skirt :O
    and Keke Palmer is the girl from Akeelah&The Bee and The Longshots, she's cute and not that young, actually.

  2. I had to stop halfway while listenining to this! All i heard was JEANS JEANS JEANS. haha.

    And you got yourself a new follower! :D

  3. Hey,her voice is Okay,no,it's perfect.Apart from the lyrics and no jeans in the video,there nothing wrong with her.!!

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  5. @ Furree :Really? Didn't bother reading so much about her.

    Yeah well, they maybe good but they're not famous. People like her are getting all the fame and I dislike this fact.

    She's not even singing she's just talking =P OMG Same hereeeee.

    I still don't know who it is =P

    @Shushu : Hahahhahahahah.Exactly. Aw thanks alot :D

    @Hamza : Noooooooo. She's not even SINGING.There is. I dislike her. Too much attitude, check out her other song.. she's just 12 and she's dressed up like some..high standard prostitute. She's annoying.


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