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Monday, 4 April 2011

I Got Tagged! =D

Well, I don't even know this tagging thing yet buttttt I've been tagged. Tagged by a lovely friend of mine, Maryam from The Different Girl.

So apparently the rules are : 
-Write your favorites.
-Tag five people

1. Food - Umm..French Fries? 
2. Colour -BLACK BLACK BLACK <3 
3. Animal - Puppies :D 
4. Sports Team - Umm not really a sports fan. But I do watch football Worldcups :p I guess Spain. And from cricket, Pakistan for sure! 
5. Dessert - Sizzling brownies from hotspot! Lurrrveee <3 
6. Artist/Singer/Band -Deadmau5.Lil wayne and a few more. 
7. Pair of Shoes - Ummm, pumps? 
8. Outfit - Err anything over skinny jeans. 
9. Skinny Jeans - Can't live without em! ;) 
10. Brand - Forever 21 and Prada <3 
11. Perfume - Channel 5, Effusion.
12. Accessory - There's this necklace of mine that I always wear cus it's special to me :) 
13. City - Dubai. :D 
14. Hobby - Blogging, facebooking. 

15. Beauty Product - Covergirl Lash Blast. Adds so much volume ;) 
16. Snack- Too many to name
17. Holiday - Well.Well.Well. I guess Eid, Heree comes the monnayyy :D 
18. Movie - Comedy.
19. Song- Depends on my mood
20. Guilty Pleasure - You wouldn't wanna know ;) 

                                                     Tags :
Furree katt from Furree Katt
Arisa from Quicksand
Eiman from Virtuoso Junction
RandomRandomKid from Imperfectly Perfect

You're turn guys ;) Cheers!


  1. Hey,I'm I tagged in the right place?
    Skinny jeans? How do answer that..:P

    And I share number 1,2,3,14.
    Number 15? No,I CAN't share that with you!!!>>;D

    Thanks for tagging meeee..:)

  2. Hahahahahahhahahaha.Didn't think about that =P
    Do you like skinny jeans tho? :P

    Really? That's awwessooomee. :D
    Well you should really try number 15. It'll do your lashes wonders ;) :p

    No problemo,fellow :D

  3. Very good answers (: we have some of the same interests haha. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I like your blog :-)

  4. Thank you :) heyy, how cool is that :D

    No problem. And thanks again :) x

  5. Thanks for doing the tag. I love all the answers and we do share alot of them! :D

  6. thanks for the tag! :D
    but i already did this five days ago haha

  7. Oops didn't notice! Np :)

    Maryam, yes we do :)

  8. Is it just me or is reading in BRIGHT yellow not exactly that easy? :P Btw, I hate getting tagged ANYWHERE and if someone ever does, I just ignore it lol

    And woohoo! Another Spain fan but who-doesn't-really-like-sport kinda fan! And Deadmau5? Seriously? You like trance!? :) Dubai? Lemme drive there today and see what could be there to like! :P Ok kidding, I see you like shopping so makes sense.

  9. @7amad : Yeahhh it's not easy =P Um,okay? :P That's..rude :p

    Yes. That's exactly the kind of fan I am :D
    I LOVE DEADMAU5 and I LOVE TRANCE.You like it too? :D Yes Dubai. And if it were so easy, I'd drive there every night =P
    Shopping um not really.. I get tired. Butttt at times when I have nothing better to do and the malls aren't crowded then yeah, shopping it is!

  10. im not sure of the rules but i tagged u anyways :) check out the post ;) x


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