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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Congratullaaaations India! Don't worry Sri Lanka, Join the club xD Pakistan, we still got the rock moves ;)

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS India for winning the world cup after 28 YEARS. Wooahh. That's a long time. It must feel great

And to all my Sri lankan friends, cheer up :) It's okay. Join the losers  Who-couldn't-win-but-did-a-great-job club :) 

Anddd my Paki-peopleeee, don'tchu worry ;) We lost, but the one thing I noticed was unity. There were no Sindhi, balochi,punjabi, there were only Pakistanis. Everywhere I went, I saw people dressed in green. I saw brotherhood amongst all. I saw people from different places holding hands and praying for the team. Now, do you call it a loss or a great victory? 


Cheers! x 


  1. Your positivity inspires me.
    You got that right, Pakistan's still awesome.

  2. *gasps* 'brotherhood'? what about 'sisterhood'? I FEEL SO LEFT OUT.
    just kidding. :D yay India and Sri Lanka and Pakistan! and the other team that Sri Lanka beat in the semifinals to reach the finals. oh yes, New Zealand :D

  3. Green Shades? You are pretty optimistic patriot you know.!!
    You are right,everyone's AwesOme,India's Awesome so Is Pakistan,and so are Lanka and Zealand.

  4. @ Furree : Aww I'm sorry. Next time, I shall only say the word 'sisterhood' :D

    Yes. Yay New Zealand.
    And Yay all the teams Pakistan beat xD

    @ Hamza : Oh, they're not mine. =P They're a friend's and he didn't buy em for the match =P I love wearing them tho. And I did the whole day on the 30th of March xD All the teams are awesome. The whole world is awesome.Everyone's awesome :D

  5. Im proud of our team still and everyone shud be. congratz India


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