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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lawn This,Lawn That. Lawn Here,Lawn There. Lawn Lawn Everywhere!

Am I the only girl left who hasn't officially launched her own lawn? It's crazyyyy. Everywhere I go, I see huge billboards about lawn exhibitions.

After waiting for ages finally the date of the exhibition comes up. 

Wait, it gets better. When you reach there, the first obstacle is a traffic jam! FOR HOURS people get stuck at the same place like a jam packed can full of beans where not a single one can roll.Then you enter the mall( or whatever) and you find a million women running like they're on fire to be the first one to grab their favorite prints.And do you know what's even more amazing? A CAT FIGHT.Yes, they fight over CLOTHES. UN STITCHED CLOTHES. 

Whooosh.Anyway after surviving a cat fight you find out that there's a line that never ends. When finally your turns come, you realize that on this counter you just get the bill. There are two more LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG never ending lines. 1st one is for paying and the 2nd one is for grabbing your stuff. Hah, clever people.One stands at the same place for hours and hours for their turn. 

IT'S USELESS.Why waste so much time on something that changes every month? Lawn comes and lawn goes.Trends change. Spending SO much money on them and giving them to your servants a month later hurts,doesn't it? 
Be sensible people.If we keep rushing to these exhibitions, they'll never stop. And the prices will keep on increasing.
I didn't bother going to a single exhibition this time. I've officially boycotted lawn....for now at least =P

Cheers! :D 


  1. It's like you stole my thoughts xD
    I hate ebign dragged to lawn exhibitions.
    I got so tired at one last time, sat next to a mannequin and dozed off.
    It's easier to go to shops ennit?

  2. Hahaah. I bet everyone's thinking the same!
    I did not go this time.I chose to sit back and relax...without caring about the prints I'm missing :p
    It so is.
    mannequin, hmm.. who knows. Maybe mannequins become man's best friend one day ;)

    since i spent my better years out of Pakistan :P
    so yeah, it's fun watching people attend functions wearing the exact same lawn print. I HATE THE LAWN FEVER!

  4. I ONLY wear Shalwar Kameez on weddings and Eid =P

    I know maaaannn. EVERYONE has the same prints and almost the same designing. Even maids these days are crazy about lawn =P Except they wear last season's lawn ;)

    Oh trust me, people who hate it way more than us are husbands =P


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