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Thursday, 28 April 2011


I know, I know. I'm supposed to be 'studying' and not 'blogging' BUT I MISSED BEING HERE!

......I LOST MY SPECS. I LOVED THEM! Mostly because I paid for them BUT STILL I LOVED THEM!  They were Gucci..hugee pink eyesight glasses with cute bows on the side. THEY WERE ADORABLE. Everyone loved them. Even Maryam did, she barely likes anything. WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT THEM? :(  It's not like I wore them all the time.. just wore them when I needed to. My number is  2.75 so I can't really watch TV or see what's written on the board in school.. or even see something that's a lil far away. I'm sad. :( 

Oh and my friend.. she just started blogging. Well she created a blog long time back but she just got more into it =P It's RandomRandomKid  from Imperfectly Perfect check it out, she's a really good writer :)

The weather is annoying.I want it to rain. Rain brings.. happiness and joy and I need that these days =P
Exams are starting on the 10th of May and I haven't studied a word. Except Math.. I've been practicing it since a long time and it's the only thing I need practice in for nowww. I'm not so good at math .Well I was.. until grade 6. Then it became tough! :P

And I feel like having pani puri. I call them gole gappay.. it's better that way :p When I grow up, I wanna own a gole gappay place so that I can have them all day. Just me and my gole gappas :') That'll be a dream come true.

I just felt like having a long post about random stuff since my posts are.. umm petite mostly xD

THE MOST OMG-EST THING EVER. They're expelling or maybe suspending a girl in my school because she hangs out with guys. LIKE WTH. That's like the peak of narrow mindedness ( if that's a word ) That is not FAIR. Remember how in KG they taught us to stop feeling this difference between guys and girls.. everyone's your friend.. what happened to that theory now? We've been studying in a co-ed school since KG and NOW they're realizing that there's a 'thin line' between guys and girls. THAT IS ANNOYING.VERY VERY ANNOYING.

What I don't appreciate is teachers butting into one's personal life. Like.. CERTAIN teachers in my school are creating fake facebook accounts to keep a check on their students. They have nothing to do with it. WHAT ARE PARENTS THERE FOR? Just teach and let go. Gosh :/

I bet most of you won't even bother reading all of that but.. it's the story of my life :/ Annoying.. these days.



  1. Aw I'm sorry about your glasses :( And that possible suspension/expulsion case is weird! How can they do that? SO ridiculous :(

  2. FATIMAAAAAAAAAAA! How could you? I loved them. I hate youuuu! :(
    Btw, someone gave me really cool glasses to give it to you. You know who, right? They can be the substitute but those purple ones were beyond awesomeeee.
    Suspension? WTF.
    You post is depressing.

  3. dude, Fatima. there was a facebook account of a really hot girl, she was friends with everyone from my school. she talked with everyone, commented on everyone's pictures, the works.
    one day, a bunch of kids' parents were called to the principal's office at my school and were handed pictures and written evidence of the fact that they had boyfriends/girlfriends, were in a relationship/kissing/talking dirty, whatever. all the kids were suspended and their parents were pretty mad.
    THAT TOTALLY HOT GIRL WAS A FAKE ACCOUNT OF MY PRINCIPAL. my fat, old principal who looked like a penguin.
    the horror. oh the horror.

    and aww, your glasses! :( they sound so cute. LOL at Maryam not liking anything :O

    i like reading long posts! ♥

  4. Teachers use Fake profiles to STALK us? Errr,I gootta go and check my friends list properly.:P

    BTW,what branch you are in? I was in N.N branch a few years back,Beconhouse of course,and there was a bathroom scene b/w of girl from my class (8 then) and a guy from grade 11.After that they very pretty itchy and the teachers didn't let the girls and the guys sit together or be together during recess etc etc.
    Maybe I think the sudden concern of the teacher,iz because of a similar scenario?

    Nice Random post though and best of luck for your exams..:P

  5. you are such a good writer, hahah, should we follow eachother?x

  6. haww how did you lose them??

    Fake Facebook accounts?? Teachers? Gee. This is kinda creepy =/

    I like your blog =) ^^

    P.S. Oh no, now am craving for gol gappays! =o =|

  7. @ Hannah Marie : I know riiight. I'm like.. half blind now :( And seriously. Way more than just ridiculous!

    @Maryam : No I don't like the ones you showed me :(

    @ Furree : OMG! Same here!! There was a teacher in our school who did the same and a student helped her by telling everyone one that the account creator was her cousin-.-
    Haha. I like you <3

    @ Hamza Bin Laden : You seriously should :P I'm in Defence Campus. And No, fortunately no one's been caught in bathrooms yet :p thanks :D

    @ LonnekeS : Thank you, ofcourse we should ;) * Follows you*

    @ Sidrah : I don't really know how. They were in my pocket.. then they weren't :P Oh trust me, it's creepier when you experience it! Thank yous :D I just had gole gappay xD

  8. We've had nothing but rain here for a week in upstate NY, so if you're lonely for it I'll be glad to send you some.

  9. Fatima,

    Hope you are doing fine in examinations. Best of luck. I am sure you will come out with good marks. Have you got glasses made as per your liking? Hope and pray that good sense prevails and that girl is not suspended. This is very unfair. There has to be equality of genders, however girls need to be cared for more. After examinations enjoy lots of GOLGAPPAS.

    Take care

  10. @ Nothing profound : Send me some and I'll send you..cupcakes :D

    @ Jack : My examinations are overrrr! Yay :D And trust me, I've been enjoying lots of gole gappas since yesterday :D
    Also, I know. That's what everyone thinks. Everyone was ready to protest for her so they let her go :)


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