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Friday, 27 May 2011

Super Hero She Is. Say yeah ahuh ahuh.

No, it's not super man or spider man or any man. It's a woman. Or a girl. 

Did you just imagine her wearing a two piece and a crown sort of a thing on her head? Get that picture out of your head. RIGHT NOW. 

She's a hero because.. she saved her family. And that is why she's also an inspiration. 

She even looks like Vanessa Hudgens a bit. I think :p 

I just want you to know Furree that you are awesome. And you don't need anyone telling you that okay? You're funny and adorable and I love your blog posts. And you are truly an inspiration. (: 
She does look like Vanessa Hudgens :p 


  1. lovely post! furree is awesome :)

  2. I agree.She's a ROLL-MODEL for us Teenies..

  3. cutest super-girl ever! =D
    She does look like Vanessa Hudgens.


  4. Its true that Furree is just awesome.
    We all love her. ♥

    you don't know how much this means to me. this brightened up my day. you've made my life. i'm going to be smiling like a dork for life :D i'll treasure this post forever.


  6. i can't get over this. i'm squealing like a piggy haha. i called half my family to come see this lolololololol. ♥

  7. Yes everyone, Furree be the bestest :D Thanks ya'll.

    @ Furreeee : Reaaaaaaaaaally? I'm so glad I was able to brighten up your day. I love you tooooooo :D I didn't know you'd get THIS happy. HAHAHAHAH that is sooo cuteeeeeeeee. You're awsome :D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Font around here is kind of annoying, no offense. Content is brilliant though.

  9. My mouse accidentally scrolled down to the middle of this post, so the first thing I saw was a giant, blown-up photo of Furree. Needless to say, I got scared.

    "What happened to Furreeeeeee????"

    Then I read the post and I smiled. Hehe.

    You, my friend. Are AWESOME.

  10. Fatimaa,

    Read 2 posts now. It is so good that you all had memorable last day of school. This will always be a fond memory. I will visit Furree soon to read her posts as you find those so good.

    Take care

  11. @ Admin : Kay, thanks for letting me know (: And thank you.

    @ Eeshie : Hahhahha. I hope nothing happens to herrr :D Thank youuu xD

    @ Jack : Thank you so much Jack for leaving great comments for me (: And you should really visit her.


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