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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dreams Come True.. In Blue Hawaii.

My blog is dying, 'aint it? Just thought I should post about my best friend's party that I recently attended 'cus it was AWESOME. ( Also 'cus there isn't anything else to post about ) 

So it was my best friend's birthday party, i.e RandomRandomKid's birthday party and the theme was Hawaiian. And we be rocking the Hawaiian yo ;) 

None of had Hawaiian stuff to wear so we wore clothes that were close to it.. or at least we thought they were close to Hawaiian. 

The setup was great. We worked our asses off to make my friend's roof look
 like Hawaii. BUT because of the wind, it turned out to be a disaster. 

We had to make it okay. Guests were starting to arrive then ME and my BRAINS came in handy ;) I helped with the sand disaster and made everything look a lil better. ( though I don't deserve the high praises ) 

Anyway,  There was a tiki bar, lots of flowers, sand and a pool..No we're not that cool, it was an inflatable pool =P 

The food was great too. I'm just saying.. I didn't even eat anything :p 

Good food + Good Setup + Awesome theme ( Which btw was my idea xD ) + Good looking people ( like me ) =  A GREAT PARTY! 
The Cake, Wanted it, Got none x( 

Pardon the crazy scribbling, My face looked weird.

And this is what I looked like,  ignore the weird flowers.. they're just there to hide my arm which looks EXTREMELY FAT god knows why -.-


  1. a hawaiian party sounds like loads of fun. i would never be able to arrange for decor and stuff for any kind of party, i'm just too lazy.
    you look so pretty ♥ LOL at the weird flowers on your arm haha.
    i also LOL-ed at the limbo picture, dunno why. i like to LOL. :D
    and your blog isn't dying! just post about whatever you feel like. if you don't know what to post about, write something about a recent event (like you did just now, with the birthday party). posts like these keep your blog alive. and no one is going to kill you if you don't post everyday, so take your time and do not worry.

  2. Fatimaa,

    Do not let your blog die. Keep writing if not daily at least once or twice a week. Seems you had great fun. May you always have good times. Who says you look weird, you look so beautifully innocent with impish look in eyes. May God bless you. NAZAR NAA LAGE.

    Take care

  3. Fatima,

    I meant to say all that has been already said by Furree and Jack so I'd just say keep posting Random stuff like that.And you are cute.Seriously.

  4. That day was just beyond amazing! xD

  5. i want a Hawaiian/themed party too. =D
    haha.. your Hawaiian party turned into a hawayee (windy) party.
    You look nice! =D

  6. @ Furree : Trust me, it was. Hahahahaha everyone
    s lazy that's why my friend asked for our help :P
    hahahahahaha xD It looked so fat. I felt weird :P
    LOLing is fun. It makes one a happy person
    you should do it more often ;)
    Yes, that's what I'm gonna do. Anything to keep it alive ;)
    Thanks :D

    @ Jack : Yes I sure did. Thank you so much :D Aw you think so?
    LOL. Shukriyyaaa :D

    @ Hamza: hahahaah thanks, your random shizz is hillarious. Thank you so much :D

    @ Maryam : Sure was :D

    @ Sana Castellano : You should have it, it's really fun. Hahahhahah that's
    exactly what everyone said :P Thanks :D x

  7. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog and nice layout..:)

  8. No problem, Thanks for stopping by (:


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